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Music Resources

Below is a collection of resources specially curated by our temple's cantor, Cantor Abby Gostein. Are you looking for CDs or mp3s for your own listening pleasure or to give as gifts? Are you a budding instrumentalist searching for sheet music, or a temple member who wants to be able to sing along more confidently during services? Seeking more general Jewish musical knowledge? We've got something for you below!

(Please note: Temple Beth Shalom and its employees do not endorse any of the following websites, nor can we make any statements regarding the accuracy of information found in these sites.)


Trope (Torah Cantillation) / Nusach (Chanting Prayer Modes)


High Holy Days:




Words and Translations to Jewish / Yiddish / Klezmer Songs

CDs / MP3s, Sheet Music, Lyrics, and Sound Clips

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