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austin jews and partners for refugees

Please continue to support refugees in Austin. Visit our website,, for all information regarding donations, volunteer opportunities, and a monthly newsletter with a calendar and updates.

See our annual report for 2022-2023

Updated 6/2/2023

Closure of Refugee Services of Texas Puts Families at Risk
Refugee Services of Texas (RST) has closed without any advance notice. RST was the only resettlement agency in Austin. They had between 150 to 200 active clients who need assistance. The Texas Office of Refugees (TXOR) is supposed to take over these cases and are reviewing the case files from RST. Meanwhile, refugees are not getting help or money. Families are being evicted or living in unsafe conditions. They are at a very high level of risk until TXOR can help them. The only other advocates for them are individual volunteers and several organizations.

Austin Jews and Partners for Refugees (AJPR) is starting an emergency fund to help out these families. Funds will be distributed as quickly as possible to as many families as we and our partners can identify. If you know of families that need help, please let us know at


Donate money to Austin Jews and Partners for Refugees at or the Temple Beth Shalom Refugee Task Force Fund at   


About Austin Jews and Partners for Refugees (formerly the Refugee Task Force)

Austin Jews and Partners for Refugees is a grassroots community group who gather together to support and advocate for refugees. Members help in many different ways, from being tutors at English learning programs for adults and children, to organizing donation drives and hosting advocacy events. We have formed Welcome Teams that have supported almost 1000 refugees arriving from Afghanistan since September 2021. We continue resettling these families and are now working on support for future families from Ukraine, the Congo, more Afghans and other refugees from around the world. Please consider financially supporting Austin Jews and Partners for Refugees to help us continue our work! 

From community service, advocacy, education, and donations, there's something for everyone interested in getting involved. Join us:


Email: Contact us to be added to the Temple Beth Shalom Refugee Task Force mailing list. 

Facebook: Temple Beth Shalom Refugee Task Force

Tue, June 6 2023 17 Sivan 5783