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austin jews and partners for refugees


Updated 6/1/2022

Austin Jews and Partners for Refugees
Please continue to support Afghan and all other refugees in Austin

We are making incredible progress in resettling Afghan refugees in Austin.

We now see more refugees coming to Austin including Ukrainians, Congolese, Ethiopians and others. The needs are still huge, and we need to raise additional funds and add more volunteers.

We have become an interfaith group with many partners in the Muslim and Christian communities, so we are changing our name from Austin Jews for Refugees to Austin Jews and partners for Refugees (AJPR) to reflect this wider community support. 

We have raised and spent over $150,000 in cash and in-kind donations, but this is only a little over $150 per refugee and they need more help. You have also provided over 15,000 hours of volunteer support time. We still have more families coming in, and the families that are here will be soon running out of government financial assistance. We would like to raise funds to specifically help these new families and families that will be transitioning to our new Salaam Neighbors program.

We have just added a new case manager at Jewish Family Services (JFS) who will be totally dedicated to supporting refugees and working with AJPR and RST. JFS received a grant from the Shapiro Foundation to fund this position and our case manager is Angelica Gomez who is already making a huge difference.

Financial donations can be made through our website at After you fill in your donor information, you will be prompted to select a fund; our fund is called the Refugee Task Force Fund. All donations are tax deductible and go to AJPR. If you want to donate other items, please contact us.

Our community has been so generous, but we need to finish this job and you can help get us there by making an additional contribution. 
Thanks so much, 
AJPR Steering Committee

We are  focusing on two new projects at this time:

Salaam Neighbors will pair volunteer welcome teams with an Afghan family to support their resettlement in their new homes. This is a commitment of 3 months. Please see our program flier for more information. We are trying to organize a Temple Beth Shalom Salaam Neighbors team; please contact us. 

Helping New Moms and Babies will address the many pregnant women in need of pre and post-partum care as well as furnishing their babies with all they need. Watch for more details of opportunities to get involved, and contact

On behalf of our AJPR Steering Committee and Team Leaders, our partner Refugee Services of Texas and all of our interfaith partners, we thank you for your compassion and generosity. You all make a difference in the lives of Afghan refugees.

Questions? Please contact us.


Donate money to the Temple Beth Shalom Refugee Task Force Fund at  This is the best way to help now. When viewing the donations page, select the Refugee Task on the donation menu.

Contact Russ Apfel at if you have questions.  


About Austin Jews and Partners for Refugees (formerly the Refugee Task Force)

Jews and Partners for Refugees is a grassroots community group who gather together to support and advocate for refugees. Members help in many different ways, from being tutors at English learning programs for adults and children, to organizing donation drives and hosting advocacy events. We have formed Welcome Teams that have supported almost 1000 refugees arriving from Afghanistan since September 2021. We continue resettling these families and are now working on support for future families from Ukraine, the Congo, more Afghans and other refugees from around the world. Please consider financially supporting Austin Jews and Partners for Refugees to help us continue our work! 

In the Torah, we are told "The stranger who resides with you shall be to you as one of your citizens. You shall love each one as yourself, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt."(Lev.19:34) This commandment to welcome the stranger is the most often repeated commandment in the Torah, repeated thirty-six times. Since January 2017 as our community responded to the call of the stranger, we have opened up our hearts, hands and minds, as the doors to our country were closed shut and opened once again. 

From community service, advocacy, education, and donations, there's something for everyone interested in getting involved. Join our Facebook group to share resources and participate in discussions, or email  to be added to the Refugee Task Force mailing list. 

Sun, June 26 2022 27 Sivan 5782