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As of March 2019, Temple Beth Shalom is offering 40 more grave sites for purchase. Please contact Sam Scheer, cemetery chair, at 512-343-1733 for more information.

An important part of planning for the future should include a discussion of what your wishes and your family's wishes are when a death occurs. While this is a difficult conversation, it is an important one that each of us needs to have with our loved ones. There can be no greater show of caring than to spare our loved ones the burden of choosing a funeral home, selecting funeral arrangements, and making other significant decisions while under their incredible shadow of grief.

One aspect of planning for death is the selection of a final resting place. Temple Beth Shalom has its own consecrated Jewish cemetery serving our temple membership and other members of the Jewish community. Here, we provide a place where the deceased will receive the highest level of respect and perpetual care. 

If you haven't already, please consider filling out a Personal Preferences Form. Now may be an appropriate time to consider purchasing a grave site as part of your long-term planning. There can be no greater demonstration of caring for our loved ones than by making cemetery and other significant decisions before they are needed. 

You may view and download the cemetery policies and view information about purchasing a grave site marker. For further information about our cemetery and other services we provide, please contact Sam Scheer at 512-343-1733.

Sun, September 22 2019 22 Elul 5779