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Before Death


Personal Preferences Form - The purpose of this form is to make it easier on family members when making funeral arrangements. We ask that you indicate your current preferences; we understand that these wishes are subject to change.

Cemetery plots - Temple Beth Shalom maintains a Jewish cemetery where burial plots are available for purchase by both members and non-members. Burial in our cemetery is available to non-Jews who are immediate family of our members. Funeral services are done with sensitivity and always with the values of bringing honor to the deceased and comfort to the family. For more information, you may review Temple Beth Shalom's Cemetery Policies or contact Sam Scheer at 240.401.5015.

Documents you need before death - Recording a few pieces of information can spare your loved ones needless work and aggravation and maximize the financial assets to take care of your family.


Since ancient days, it has been part of Jewish tradition that one would want to return to God in the same state of ritual purity and innocence as when one is born. In order to accomplish this, it became traditional for an individual to offer a final confession shortly before death, the Hebrew term for which is Vidui (you may recognize this term from the Yom Kippur liturgy). In most cases, Vidui is offered by a rabbi on behalf of the person as death approaches but it can be offered by individual themselves (if they are so inclined) or a family member.

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