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D'var Torah Superhero (a.k.a. B'nai Mitzvah Mentor)

Schedule: Mentoring B'nai Mitzvah candidates can vary in time commitment and location. Mentoring usually requires 5-7 meetings which average an hour in length.  

Job duties: At Temple Beth Shalom, we believe that it is important for our B'nai Mitzvah candidates to truly study their parsha rather than just sit down and create a teaching (D'var Torah) based on their assigned Torah portion. We give each candidate the tools to complete their studies and you will be a trained adult to help guide them through the process. You will work with the Bar/Bat Mitzvah candidate as they grapple with the meaning of their parsha and begin to put their thoughts into a teaching (D'var Torah).  Hebrew competency is NOT required!

Age requirement: 13 years or older (post-B'Nai Mitzvah, with approval of Kelly Finkel)

Other requirements: The desire to engage in Torah study and guide the development of a d'var Torah. Hebrew competency not required.

What you get out of this opportunity:

  • Sharing your love of Judaism and Torah with the younger generation of Jews
  • Seeing the Torah with a different lens - the Bar/Bat Mitzvah's
  • Building a relationship with another family at the temple

Contact: Kelly Finkel

Wed, June 26 2019 23 Sivan 5779