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In Jewish tradition, volunteer Shomrim watch over the deceased from the time of death until they are buried because the neshama (soul) is believed to be present until the time of burial. Shmirah is a chesed shel emet, an act of lovingkindness, which is a final act of compassion toward our departing fellow Jews and is greatly appreciated by the deceased's family.

Local congregations have come together to form Austin Shmirah, a Jewish community-wide group to coordinate Shomrim in order to meet the entire community's needs. To sign up for Austin Shmirah, please email Gail Tosto. You may choose to serve only through Temple Beth Shalom or through other congregations as well. Your information will be passed on to the shmirah coordinators at the congregations you indicate and they pledge to use it only for shmirah-related purposes.

If you have never served as a shomer, we encourage you to consider doing so through Austin Shmirah. No training is needed. You may choose to serve just once in your life, or as often as the need arises and your schedule allows. You may serve your first shift in the company of a more experienced shomer if you wish.

Thu, June 13 2024 7 Sivan 5784