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Mensch-ful Membership

We foster enduring relationships and mutual respect among our members by providing opportunities to support one another in times of challenge, by engaging in social activities, and by creating a sense of "connectedness."

Perform Acts of LovingKindness

We provide our members with opportunities to perform acts of lovingkindness for congregants, for the Austin community, and for the greater world-for Jews and non-Jews alike. We promote social justice and tzedakah through programs that support Israel, feed the hungry, house the homeless, care for the sick, comfort the bereaved, and advocate for the marginalized in our society.

Ruach (Spirit)

We express our Ruach (Spirit) through praying and learning together in a Reform Jewish context-honoring tradition and encouraging innovation as part of a never-ending search for spiritual growth. We actively encourage worship and share enthusiasm for congregational life.

Leadership with Integrity

We encourage congregants' participation in temple governance by actively soliciting members to apply their skills, talents, and ideas to the growing needs of the temple. Our leadership exemplifies Jewish values by being open, honest, and accountable, thereby creating an atmosphere of trust with our membership while balancing short-term obligations with long-term goals.

Inclusive Service To All

We celebrate the diversity of our membership. We welcome and embrace interfaith families, encouraging their participation in congregational life to the level of their individual comfort. We nurture and support our congregants with relevant educational programs, which instill a sense of Jewish identity and inspire lifelong learning. We are dedicated to making "Jewish Life" accessible physically, intellectually, and spiritually.

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