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First Grade

Your first grader will start to focus more deeply on a few subject areas that were introduced in kindergarten.
  • To explain and introduce the importance of basic mitzvot (commandments)
  • To encourage students to express and explore beliefs in God
  • To reinforce basic prayers and blessings through daily activities
Subjects Covered:
  • Mitzvot: In first grade, learners study different mitzvot (commandments) and how to incorporate them in their everyday lives. These commandments are explained in terms children can easily grasp, using engaging questions, thoughtful activities, and memorable stories.
  • Holidays: In first grade, learners continue their discovery of the Jewish holidays by exploring the different commandments associated with each holiday.
  • God: Prayer, values, and God are essential to the first-grade curriculum. Learners are encouraged to explore their questions about God and the world through hands-on activities and classroom discussions.
  • Blessings and Prayers: In first grade, learners will come to understand that one way that we communicate with God is through blessings and prayers. Learners will focus on the prayers for commandments (those that include the phrase b'mitzvotav v'tzivanu, meaning "commanded us with 'His' commandments") and blessings of gratitude.
Additional Specialties and Programs:
  • Visits to specialists like Hebrew Through Movement, cooking, teva (nature), art, and more!
  • Bimonthly visits with the music specialist
  • Mitzvah Project focusing on helping people
  • Experiential and active all-school programming like Chanukah Maccabiah, Passover Seder Games, and more!
  • Visits from the Temple Beth Shalom clergy
Tue, August 20 2019 19 Av 5779