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Fifth Grade

For fifth graders, it's time for b'nai mitzvah date selection! Jewish American history is also a strong focus this year.
  • To learn an overview of Jewish history in America and recognize that Jews have been part of American society throughout its history.
  • To reinforce Jewish values through studies of history and theology.?
  • To help students understand and master basic Hebrew Blessings
Subjects Covered:
  • Jewish American History: In fifth grade our students focus on the history of Jewish immigration to America. They will explore collective narratives of the earliest experiences of New Americans. Our students will discover their place in the line of American Jewish history.
  • Jewish Values: Fifth graders will study different Jewish values through a variety of stories, text studies, holiday content, and blessings to highlight for our students how decisions they make on a daily basis are influenced by their Jewish values, and by extension their Jewish history, tradition, and culture.
  • Hebrew Studies: Learners continue their Hebrew studies in our midweek program. See more information.
Additional Specialties and Programs:
  • A shul-in (an overnight social and learning experience at the temple)
  • First-session classes have visits to specialists like Hebrew Through Movement, cooking, teva (nature), art and more!
  • Second-session students choose a year-long elective like cooking. See a complete listing.
  • Mitzvah project focusing on helping people
  • B'nai Mitzvah date selection
  • Mitzvah Project Fair
  • Experiential and active all-school programming like Chanukah Maccabiah, Passover Seder Games, etc.
  • Visits from the Temple Beth Shalom clergy
  • NFTY/Greene Year Round events like Fall Camp and Spring Camp
Tue, August 20 2019 19 Av 5779