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Temple Beth Shalom Phases for Building Reopening

These guidelines are in place for the safety and health of our Temple Beth Shalom community and are subject to change at the discretion of temple leadership. 

Page updated March 23, 2022


Current Protocol

  • Masking is optional. Masks will still be available and provided at temple events and services.
  • We expect people coming to an in-person gathering to be be fully vaccinated. High-risk individuals, partially vaccinated or unvaccinated people, and people are feel ill are strongly encouraged to stay home.
  • We will continue to have a designated section in the sanctuary/social hall with masks and social distancing for those who remain at risk or who desire to retain these safety protocols.
  • No attendance caps are in place except at particular services and events (for example, High Holy Days).
  • All Erev Shabbat services will be online and held in the sanctuary. Non-member guests can reserve a seat for Erev Shabbat services based on availability by contacting the temple office.
  • Food and drink are allowed both inside and outside.
  • Masks are optional, but encouraged, during Religious School and indoor youth events.
  • Saturday morning Shabbat services are open to Temple Beth Shalom members to attend in person.


Note: Attendance caps are subject to change based on local health data and recommendation of the Building Reopening Task Force.

While no one can guarantee an environment will be completely safe, we have studied and addressed many factors of building environment, including air flow. As part of our effort to provide a safe and healthy environment in our building we have researched standards and publications from a variety of sources, including the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, CDC and NASA among others. 

Based on this research and advice, we will be operating our equipment that brings outside air into the building at least 24 hours prior to and constantly during the time a space is occupied. We will also have the fans in the heating/air conditioning operating at least 24 hours prior to and constantly during the times spaces are occupied. In addition, we will be servicing and replacing filters in our heating/air conditioning systems more frequently.

We have purchased stand alone HEPA filtering units as appropriate for smaller contained spaces such as offices or meeting rooms. It is important in these more confined spaces that the air be ‘turned over’ more frequently. HEPA filters have been found to be the most reliable way of quickly and effectively filtering virus particles, including COVID, from the air. A maintenance protocol based on manufacturer recommendations has also been put in place.
Though these steps involve additional costs that have not been anticipated in our current budget, the staff, Board of Trustees, and advisors have made them a priority.
Of course, as we all know, in spite of the measures we are taking, it is critical you do your part by wearing an effective mask, distancing, and getting vaccinated when available.



Disclaimer: All temple sponsored in-person events and services must adhere to the temple protocol in effect at the time the event takes place. 


Re-Opening Task Force Members: Patti Bridwell, Elana Bizer, Sharon Hausman-Cohen, Lori Freedman, Rabbi Freedman, Karen Fingerman, Steve Fintel, Dennis Gross, Jennifer Kramer, Lori Levy, Noreen Long, Jordan Magidson, Sheldon Markowitz, Mark Salmanson, Rabbi Steinman

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