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Antisemitism: Empowerment and engagement


See Something, Say Something: Report an Antisemitic Incident or Hate Crime

We encourage you to submit information about any incident you perceive as antisemitic, biased, or hateful to both ADL and Shalom Austin using these links.

ADL Incident Report

Shalom Austin Incident Report


“Non-Jews respect Jews who respect Judaism, and
they are embarrassed by Jews who are embarrassed by Judaism.”
-- Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

Empowering ourselves, our communities, and our world to be proactive in the presence of antisemitism requires strategies at every level of society. That’s why so many organizations are involved. Yes, some overlap in their mission; but each group has a unique focus. 

What are other individuals, families, and communities doing to change their thoughts and behaviors in the context of increasing antisemitic incidents? Check out the resources below. They are grouped into two categories: Individual Empowerment and Personal Engagement.

Individual Empowerment

Our most sacred task is preparing the next generation of Jewish leaders. This section begins with resources for parents and children, moves on to teens, and then to adults. Each subcategory is arranged alphabetically, and every resource is embedded with a hyperlink.

When you or a family member sees, hears, or experiences an antisemitic incident, how will you respond? 
• If the incident is a crime or you are concerned with circumstances that could elevate 
into a crime, contact your local police department. 
• Contact the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) to report any type of antisemitic incident. 

Parents and Children

Talking With Your Child
5 Tips for Talking with Children About Antisemitism (Jewish Social Service Agency – Maryland, Northern Virginia, & District of Columbia, 2021)

Discussing Hate and Violence with Children (ADL)

Five Tips for Talking With Children About Hate Incidents (ADL, 2017)

How to Talk to Children About Antisemitism (PJ Library, 2020)

How to Talk to Your Children About Tragedy and Anti-Semitism (Jewish Community Federation - Greater San Francisco Bay Area, 2018)

Talking to Young Children about Bias and Prejudice (ADL) 

What Bullying Is and Is Not: Family Conversation (ADL)

Books for Children
Red and Green and Blue and White by Lee Wind (author) and Paul Zelinsky (illustrator) (October 2021) (Ages 4-7)

Christmas Menorahs: How a Town Fought Hate by Janis Cohn (author) and Bill Farnsworth (illustrator) (Ages 7-10)  

Helping Your Child 
Bullies in the Schoolyard: When anti-Semitism is aimed at kids – by other kids – how can parents respond? (Tablet Magazine, 2016) 

Bullying Prevention and Intervention Tips for Families (ADL, 2012)  

Help Children Build Resistance (U.S. Dept of Health & Human Services)  

Helping Children Cope with Tragedy Related Anxiety (Mental Health America)  

What Can I Do About Bullying Among Young Children? (ADL, 2013)  

Advocating for Your Child
Be Your Child’s Advocate (Scholastic)

Confronting Anti-Semitism: If I Don’t Respond, Who Will? (18 Doors)  

How to Talk with Educators at Your Child’s School about Bullying: Tips for Parents of Bullied Students (created by U.S. Dept of Health & Human Services, made available by Florida Dept of Education)


10 Ways to Respond to Bullying (ADL, 2012)

Stop Bullying: Youth Engagement Toolkit (U.S. Dept of Health & Human Services)

Adults and Teens

Antisemitism Uncovered Toolkit (ADL) 

How to Respond to an Offensive Comment at Work (Harvard Business Review, 2017)

Is It Rude, Is It Mean Or Is It Bullying? Why we all must learn to distinguish between rude, mean and bullying behaviors (Psychology Today, November 25, 2012)

Responding to Jokes and Slurs (ADL 2021)

Speak Up: Responding to Everyday Bigotry (Southern Poverty Law Center, 2017)

Speak Up to Stand Up Against HATE (United Jewish Federation of Utah)

Personal Engagement
Get acquainted with those devoted to fighting antisemitism through advocacy, community initiatives, education, and stories. Arranged alphabetically, the topics and resources are relevant for building Jewish pride, fighting hate, and gaining knowledge about antisemitism.

What book will you read?

Which organization will you support?

How will you advocate?

When will you begin?

Make one decision.

Take one step.




Cyber Safety Action Guide (ADL)

Stop Hate for Profit


Antisemitism Here & Now by Deborah Lipstadt (2019)

How to Fight Anti-Semitism by Bari Weiss (2019)

It Could Happen Here by Jonathan Greenblatt (2022)

Jewish Pride: Rebuilding a People by Ben Freeman (2021)

Community Initiatives

10 Ways to Fight Hate: A Community Resource Guide (Southern Poverty Law Center)

No Hate in the Lone Star State Initiative (Shalom Austin)

No Place for Hate (ADL)

Not In Our Town

Educator Resources

Facing History & Ourselves – Antisemitism & Religious Intolerance

ADL Lesson Plans – Jewish Culture & Anti-Semitism (scroll down the page to see links to 12 lesson plans) 


ADL Never is Now: Summit on Antisemitism and Hate (Nov. 2021)

How We Empower Religious School Students to Face Antisemitism (URJ article)

Responding to Hate Crimes: A Police Officer’s Guide to Investigation and Prevention (International Association of Chiefs of Police, 1998)

Secure Community Network

Stop Bullying (U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services)

United Jewish Federation of Utah – Standing Up to Antisemitism


90 Ways to Respond to Anti-Semitism (ADL, 2018)

ADL Tracker of Anti-Semitic Incidents (enter a State or City for reverse chronological list)


Anti-Defamation League (ADL)

American Jewish Committee (AJC)

B’nai B’rith International

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Jewish Council for Public Affairs

Simon Wiesunthal Center

Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)

Reports and Statistics

Addressing Anti-Semitism through Education: Guidelines for Policymakers (UNESCO, Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights, 2018)

American Muslim Poll 2017 (Institute for Social Policy and Understanding)

Audit of Anti-Semitic Incidents 2021 (ADL)

2021 Online Antisemitism Report Card (ADL)

Jewish Americans in 2020: Anti-Semitism & Jewish Views on Discrimination (Pew Research Center)

Jewish Council on Public Relations Roadmap to Fight Antisemitism & Hate (2020)

Religious-Based Bullying (Institute of Social Policy and Understanding, American Muslim Health Professionals, 2018)

The State of Antisemitism in America 2021 (American Jewish Committee)


Author inspired by response to ’93 Billings hate crimes writes children’s book (KTVQ News, 12/3/21)

Our Stories: Experiences of Antisemitism of Members of Temple Beth Shalom (2021 report)

Fighting darkness with light: Jews use Hanukkah to stand against antisemitism after string of hate acts in Central Texas (Spectrum News, 12/2/21)

A Jewish man was sentenced to death by an antisemitic judge, court finds. Now, he could get at second chance. (The Washington Post, October 13, 2021)

She was Excited for a New School. Then the Anti-Semitic ‘Jokes’ Started (New York Times, March 4, 2020)

This is What Happens When a School Takes Antisemitic Bullying Seriously (Alma, April 27, 2021)


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