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2020 Anniversary

Temple Beth Shalom's 20th year will be full of special opportunities to come together as a congregation and celebrate. We will offer many ways to connect to the temple during our anniversary. Whether your interest is scholarship, music, love of Torah, or simply being together, there is a way to participate and honor our growing faith community. The goal is to ensure every member, including our youngest, can be a part of this special time.

Just as we welcomed our new home in 2013 as a community, we want to celebrate this milestone year with our entire congregation. Let's honor the past and commit to our future, together.

Restoring Together: Our Torah Journey

Temple Beth Shalom owns three beloved Torah scrolls, and they have shared many simchas, prayerful services, and holy journeys with us through the years. With this love and use, all three Torahs are now in need of cleaning and restoration. Some repairs are minor, such as cracked letters, while other repairs are more significant, like fading or discolored letters, flaking ink, and torn stitching.

On February 9, the temple will launch this holy work by hosting soferim (scribes) to begin repairing our Torahs. Be a part of this joyful experience by participating in any (or all!) of the sofer-led experiences.

Spread across three days (Feb. 9, March 31, and May 3), there are opportunities for everyone of all ages and life stages. Join us for one or both of our fundraising opportunities (a personal scribing session, and an educational dinner with the sofer); and/or our events that are free and open to all, including sofer-led educational workshops, a joyful opening celebration to welcome the soferim into our congregation, and a closing celebration to welcome our Torahs back into our arms.

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Being Together: Congregational Retreat

There's something for everyone at this special Shabbat retreat on March 6-7, which this year is a part of our 20th anniversary celebration. All members of Temple Beth Shalom—adults, kids, families, singles—will enjoy opportunities to rest, worship, have fun, and deepen connections to fellow congregants.

This year’s retreat theme is “Our Future Together.” Because this retreat is part of our Anniversary 2020 events, the cost to attend is partially subsidized by our Anniversary 2020 sponsors in order to make it affordable for our congregants.

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Learning Together: Our Scholar in Residence

We welcome Rabbi David Ellenson, PhD, from Thursday, March 26-Saturday, March 28 as our Scholar in Residence. Rabbi Ellenson is a former president of Hebrew Union College and a brilliant teacher. The theme of this weekend is "American Jewish Thought: Where We Have Been, Where We Are, Where We Might Be Heading."



Celebrating Together: The Anniversary Event

On April 25 we have planned a congregational celebration that will celebrate our 20 years as a congregation, plus wish Rabbi Amy Cohen the best in her new role at Shalom Austin. All members will want to be a part of this special day. Stay tuned for details!







Tue, February 25 2020 30 Sh'vat 5780