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Hineinu: Providing consolation, comfort, and friendship

Scheduled shift: Varies; as needed.

Location: Varies

Job duties: The purpose of a Hineinu volunteer is to provide consolation, comfort, and friendship to our members who have lost a loved one. Many congregants are new to Austin and may not have much of a support group in times of sorrow. Hineinu volunteers try to be a part of their support group by pairing with the bereaved person. This is done initially with a phone call, and if the bereaved desires, perhaps meeting for coffee to talk about their loved one. Although not everyone we contact needs this support, the offer is always appreciated. We also send reminder cards for the end of the initial 30 days of mourning and the loved one's yahrzeit.

Age requirement: 18 years or older

Special requirements: None.

Why this opportunity matters: The Hebrew word "hineinu" means "here I am." It is seen in Exodus 3:4 when G_d appears to Moses as a burning bush and calls to him. Moses responds by saying, "Here I am." One of our core values in our congregation is being here to support one another for all of life's ups and downs. Learn more about Hineinu.

Contact: Sheldon Markowitz at 512-626-0653.

Fri, October 22 2021 16 Cheshvan 5782