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Mensch-y Mentor (a.k.a. Jewish Guide and Mentor for Conversion Students)

Schedule shift: Friday evenings, special holidays and congregational social events, and whenever you want to check in with your mentee!

Location: Temple Beth Shalom, coffee shops, the comfort of your own home

Job duties:

  • Mentor one of our conversion students by meeting them at services, or inviting them to a special temple event or Shabbat dinner at your home
  • Call your mentee once or twice a month to see if they have any questions about upcoming events/holidays
  • Teach your mentee why being Jewish is amazing! Translate strange Yiddish words they may hear in temple, teach your mentee how to make matzah ball soup, or explain where Jewish guilt comes from.)

Age requirement: 18 years or older

Special requirements: A love of Judaism and Temple Beth Shalom is the only requirement! If you converted and you know what it's like to experience the conversion class at Temple Beth Shalom, that is a bonus but not necessary to be a mentor.

Why this opportunity matters: Do you remember how it felt to walk into your first event or service at Temple Beth Shalom? Were you excited but also worried about not knowing anyone, or not being able to read Hebrew? Our conversion students want to become a part of our community, but they would appreciate a mentor to help them take that first step.

Contact: Rabbi Cohen

Wed, June 26 2019 23 Sivan 5779