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Course Descriptions


Project Zug Class Offerings for Winter 2021


How Do We Increase Peace In The World?: Learning With Sephardi Sages--class full

Facilitated by Simon Wellner  

Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m. beginning Jan. 19 (10 sessions) 

Free to members; $18 for non-members

How Do We Increase Peace in the World? This course looks to our sages to answer this important question. Sephardic Jewish textual wisdom speaks to the complex interactions between Jews and non-Jews today in Israel and around the world. Together we will explore Jewish views on racism and intolerance through the perspective of Sephardic sages whose teachings you may never have encountered before. These rich and often overlooked traditions of Jews of Spain and Muslim countries offer a perspective on Jewish identity that is moderate, inclusive, and does not force its values on others. This course will address the proper treatment of other nations, rights of minorities, neighborly relationships, and respect for human beings. Draw on this wisdom, and your personal encounter with racism and intolerance, to discuss larger themes of social-ethical values and humanity.  This class is for everyone and will lead to wonderful open discussions. All are welcome. 

How To Question Authority--class full

Facilitated by Anita Lavie 

Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. beginning Jan. 27 (10 sessions) 

Free to members; $18 for non-members

Is there a right way to question authority? Should I speak out on every issue or choose my battles? What role should shame and humiliation play? When can I leverage power-dynamics, and when should I just keep quiet? In this 10-session course we will explore Jewish stories where our ancestors pushed back on the authority of their government and society, of their own Jewish leadership, and even of G-d.  This class is for everyone and will lead to wonderful open discussions. All are welcome.

The Prayerbook: New Interpretive Methods--class full

Facilitated by Leonard Schwartz 

Thursdays at 7:00 p.m. beginning Jan. 28  (10 sessions) 

Free to members; $18 for non-members

The Jewish prayerbook is comprised of many prayers composed over the years, ancient words that have been said by Jews across generations and communities. What do these prayers actually mean, and how can we relate to these words in a deeper way? This course invites participants to look anew at the prayerbook, to investigate the Shabbat and weekday prayers, with an eye toward personal meaning. The course is intended not only for those with a prayer practice, but also for those interested in examining this rich literature from a personal perspective. During the course, we will a) investigate primary sources (Biblical and rabbinic) that serve as background and inspiration for various prayers, b) form an interpretive methodology to read traditional Jewish prayers, and c) invest ancient prayers with more personal meaning. We will ask such questions as: Are traditional prayer formulas able to express our own values/ideas of prayer? What do we do when we "disagree" with the prayer's content? How can we interpret the siddur in a grounded and traditional yet creative manner? 



What is Project Zug? 

Temple Beth Shalom is pleased to offer select Project Zug courses to our members! Join Beth Shalom members and friends in small groups to learn in a comfortable setting. Together, Temple Beth Shalom and Project Zug offer self-paced, relevant learning on a wide variety of topics, from the songs of Leonard Cohen, to Jewish philosophy, to social justice. See below for a description of the courses offered by Temple Beth Shalom.

These classes are free for members (you must log into your account before registering) and are available to non-members with a meaningful donation.  You are welcome to sign up for more than one class; we do request that you sign up only if you can commit to attend the majority of each class series.    

(Please note: you must register through the links below for free classes with Beth Shalom. Other classes are available on Project Zug's website for additional fees).

Unique Advantages of Project Zug:

* It is a platform that connects Jews everywhere through substantive Jewish learning
* Participants meet in small groups of Temple Beth Shalom members and friends
* Unlike most internet learning, the content is designed to build relationships, not simply broadcast information
* The small-group model keeps participants engaged and builds deep connections

How does it work? 

* Courses are either 4, 5, or 10 sessions in length
* Each learning session is designed to be completed in approximately 1 hour 
* Study can be done online through Zoom
* Each course features short, high quality videos of the instructor offering background and framing for the learning, as well as downloadable handouts to be reviewed during the class time. No pre-work or homework is required other than watching the very short videos prior to each class session (and if you forget, come anyway!). Together you and your group will go through the handout--the questions prompt thoughtful and meaningful discussion, and typically the hour flies by!

Tue, March 2 2021 18 Adar 5781