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Project Zug

What is Project Zug? 

Temple Beth Shalom is pleased to offer Project Zug courses to our members! Connect with your community through weekly one-to-one paired (havruta) or small-group learning. Together, Temple Beth Shalom and Project Zug offer self-paced, relevant learning on a wide variety of topics, from the songs of Leonard Cohen, to Jewish philosophy, to social justice.


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Project Zug, with Temple Beth Shalom:

* Matches you with an appropriate partner at Temple Beth Shalom—or select your own partner! (If one of the partners is not a member of Temple Beth Shalom, the non-member should sign up with Project Zug directly and request to be paired with the Temple Beth Shalom member partner.)
* Provides highest-quality content through curated study sheets and videos on a wide variety of topics

Unique Advantages of Project Zug:

* It is a platform that connects Jews everywhere through substantive Jewish learning
* Participants meet on their own schedule
* Unlike most internet learning, the content is designed to build relationships, not simply broadcast information
* The one-to-one model keeps participants responsible for one another and builds deep connections

How does it work? 

* Courses are either 4 or 10 sessions in length
* Each learning session offers a study sheet with questions, designed to be learned in 30-45 min 
* Study can be done online through video chat, or in person 
* Each course features 4 short, high quality videos of the instructor offering background and framing for the learning 
* Participants can register to learn with a particular person, or let Temple Beth Shalom or Project Zug find you a good match


Tue, February 25 2020 30 Sh'vat 5780