Intermediate Hebrew

Are you ready to take your Hebrew to the next level? If you already know the Hebrew letters and vowels, and can sound out simple words, you're ready for Intermediate Liturgical Hebrew! (Don't worry, we will review, so even if you're rusty, you are welcome!)

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This intermediate Hebrew class will include intensive review of basic Hebrew, especially "special reading rules" like the shva vowel and special endings. We'll cover prayers from both Friday and Saturday services, and also look at selections from the Haggadah of Passover, the High Holy Day prayerbook, and the Bible.

Basic vocabulary is presented and also introductory grammar such as articles, plural endings, noun and adjective agreement, and possessives.

The format of the class will be fun and interactive, with plenty of opportunity for practice. The class is designed for anyone with knowledge of the alef-bet and vowels. Although the focus is on prayerbook Hebrew, the skills will transfer to conversational or Biblical Hebrew.

Students will need to purchase the textbook Aleph Isn't Enough, but Temple Beth Shalom will provide any supplementary materials. The textbook emphasizes the following prayers (though it includes selections from many more):

  • Blessings, including Friday night and Torah blessings
  • Barechu
  • Shema
  • Avot VeImahot
  • VeAhavta
  • Mi Chamocha
  • Aleinu
  • Eitz Chayyim Hi
  • Gevurot

Instructor Rivkah Shieber has been teaching Hebrew of all types and levels to all ages in Austin for more than 20 years, the past several at Temple Beth Shalom.

Register now for Fall 2018. If you have questions, you may contact