Join the First Fridays Music Makers

Adults and teens, we encourage your participation in First Fridays services by making music! Voice or instrument, some First Fridays or many—pick what works for you.

Please talk with Cantor Abby Gostein if this would be your first time singing or playing your instrument with us or if you would use an instrument that is not a “C” instrument.

We hope that those interested will come back again and again to play each first Friday night of the month. If you are only comfortable playing one or two songs after the rehearsal, that’s fine—you can do what you’re ready for at any given service.
Next music learning and prep session: Thursday, Feb. 28, 7:00-9:00 pm in the sanctuary. Please call Marissa Wright at 512-735-8900 to RSVP or log in to your member portal and click on the link called First Friday Music. (NOTE: Even if your name is already on the list as a past attendee, make sure to put a "Y" next to all dates in the document in which you plan to participate.)
For the rehearsal: Bring your instrument/voice, music stand, pencil, and highlighter. Please come fragrance-less (no perfume, scented lotions, etc., due to allergies of many in our musical community. Even scented fabric softener or laundry detergent can be an issue for some).
Please invite any friends you think might be interested!