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Song Leading & Band "Club Musika"

For students in grades 6-12 (split into beginner and intermediate levels):
Have you ever wanted to lead or play an instrument in services or song sessions at camp or temple? Love to jam? Join Song Leading & Band "Club Musika" to transform your talent into confidence: teaching songs, engaging the congregation with music, and leading or playing in a band with other kids who love music too! 
Whether you are a singer or instrumentalist, beginner or an expert, "Club Musika" will give you tangible techniques to be a leader!  
In Song Leading & Band "Club Musika," you will:
  • Gather repertoire, tools, and leadership qualities to rock like you're Dan Nichols or Drake on the bima. 
  • For guitar / song-leading beginners: Learn basic guitar skills for leading Jewish music and all the essential parts of song leading, from picking up the energy level of the crowd, to body movement and eye contact. You will gain the skills to lead our congregation musically!
  • For intermediate song-leaders / guitar players: Be ready to jam, work a capo and build your barre chord muscles. Practice the intricacies of being a great song leader and teacher, from picking up the energy level of the crowd, to body movement and eye contact. Become more comfortable singing while playing, a valuable skill you can take with you forever. You will gain the skills to lead our congregation musically!
  • For instrumentalists: Be ready to play notes and rhythms on the fly while we create parts together. Learn to use your instrument (e.g. flute, keyboard, violin) as part of the song-leading team. Learn the importance of and improve your skills in accompaniment and supporting your fellow musicians as a leading team. Grow your leadership skills and your musical confidence in a Jewish context!
Although beginning guitarists and vocalists of any level are welcome, for students playing other instruments at least one year of private or school instruction on an instrument is required. All students are expected to bring their own instruments. We are seeking students who are very motivated towards making music and improving their skills!
The goal of Song Leading & Band "Club Musika" is to connect 6th through 12th grade students to their Jewish identity through the medium of Jewish music and to enhance Judaic knowledge and leadership skills through Jewish music learning, performance, leading and teaching. Song Leading & Band "Club Musika" aims to have fun and connect with other kids while making Jewish music, from camp tunes to traditional melodies, to prayer music, to Israeli and other "World Jewish Music."

Club Musika will lead/perform music every month or two during Sunday T’filah, as well as for the congregational Chanukah celebration, Shabbat Shir Shalom (our annual super-musical service), and some First Friday Shabbat services throughout the year. Check the registration form for this year's event dates.
Song Leading & Band "Club Musika" takes place on Sundays from 11:45-12:45 p.m. and is open to both first session and second session religious school students in grades 6-12. The first session is free of charge. The registration fee is $50.
Families must submit an online application. 
Check out this parent-made video of Temple Beth Shalom's T'filah Band, performing Hall'lu for the school-wide Family T'filah on Feb. 21, 2016. Thanks to parent and congregation member Eden Myers for the video!
Tue, July 7 2020 15 Tammuz 5780