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Mitzvah Projects


Holden Bilbe's Mitzvah Project

My name is Holden Bilbe, and I am becoming a bar mitzvah on August 1st. For my mitzvah project, this February I spent time researching the environmental impact of human consumption of animal products. What I discovered was life changing. Did you know that if the average American cut just one ΒΌ of beef a week from their diet, it would be the equivalent of taking 10 million cars off the road for a year?  We have the ability to help heal our planet by making even just simple changes in the food we eat.  Plant-Based eating is the one thing you can do every single day, multiple times a day, to make an active choice to positively impact the environment. After much research, I created some educational materials to share at my school and within the community to help spread the word about ways that everyone can make a big difference if each person reduces or eliminates the consumption of animal products. It's a way to make a direct impact as an activist for the health of our earth as well as our bodies. This time of quarantine is the perfect time to try some new recipes and start cutting back on or eliminating animal products from your diet! You can visit my mitzvah project section of my website for more information, recipes, foodprint quizzes, and donations you can make toward plant-based COVID-19 hunger relief. 

Sat, January 16 2021 3 Sh'vat 5781