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Wedding Ceremonies by Rabbi Freedman


Rabbi Freedman is available for the performance of wedding ceremonies for both members and non-members of the temple. While Rabbi Freedman will perform a Jewish wedding ceremony for interfaith couples, he will do so only for couples who are committed to creating a Jewish household and raising Jewish children. Rabbi Freedman does not co-officiate with clergy of other faiths.

While wedding ceremonies are private affairs, couples are invited to celebrate their wedding with the community by receiving a blessing at an Erev Shabbat service or by being called to the Torah (auf ruf) at a Shabbat morning service.

Preparation for the wedding day includes extensive pre-marital counseling and planning for the ceremony. Ceremonies are conducted in an inclusive fashion, allowing for involvement of friends and family if the couple so desires. All ceremonies are planned with the desires of the couple in mind along with due regard for tradition.

While membership includes officiating at weddings, there is a fee for officiating at the wedding ceremony for non-members. For more information, please contact us.

Fri, May 14 2021 3 Sivan 5781