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When God called, Abraham and Moses each responded "Hineini!" -- "I am here!" Rashi and others tell us that by "hineini" they meant not only that they were present, but that they were ready -- ready to act and ready to do what needed to be done. In the spirit of our ancestors, we want to respond "We are here!" when we are needed.

Hineinu is an endeavor at our Temple to provide services and support to congregants who have faced the loss of a loved one. We hope to expand the ways in which we care for and care about one another during this difficult time. Learn how to be a Hineinu volunteer.

Guidance on mourning practices, grief counseling resources, support groups, and legal and financial issues is available. There is also a library of books for both adults and children on coping with death.

Additionally, a trained congregant will be available to family members of the deceased to help with whatever the family might need. This could include assistance such as visiting with the family at their home or meeting them at the funeral home, helping with errands, arranging transportation for relatives and friends, preparing the house for guests, accompanying the family to services, and referring them to helpful community resources. Ongoing support might also include such things as marking the end of sh'loshim with the family, helping them to sort belongings, ensuring that they are contacted periodically - especially around holidays, birthdays and anniversaries, and assisting in ordering a headstone and arranging for an unveiling ceremony. Needs will, of course, vary widely. Our aim is to be present -- Hineinu! -- for as much or as little as the family desires.

If you are in need of Hineinu services, or would like to be a Hineinu volunteer, please contact Sheldon Markowitz at 512-626-0653.

Thu, September 23 2021 17 Tishrei 5782