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The Green Team

The Green Team at Temple Beth Shalom is dedicated to practicing Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) by empowering our community at the individual and organizational levels to minimize our impact on the environment.

Goals:  The Green Team encourages a "do no harm" ethic in all our actions and endeavors, demonstrating a respect for nature.


Our objectives include:

  • community engagement
  • supporting sustainability
  • educational programs, and
  • advocacy.

Current Action Item: “Stick a fork in it!”

Current Action Item: Stick a Fork in It!
The Green Team would like to invite you to put a fork for each family member in your household into a reusable bag and keep it in the car (or your purse/briefcase) so you can have it handy at our temple functions. This will help us reduce waste and lower our temple's environmental footprint.


If not now, when? If not us, who? 
And if I am not for the planet, then who will be? (a modern twist on Hillel)

Concerned about climate change, plastic pollution, and what we are doing to our environment? Interested in helping Temple Beth Shalom  reduce our ecological footprint? Please join our Green Team! For more info, or to give us ideas, please contact congregant Christy Esmahan at

Mon, November 11 2019 13 Cheshvan 5780